Penpals school exterior

Welcome to Penpals Montessori Children's House. Our school is located in Vancouver, BC, catering to children ages 2.5 to 6 years. In compliance to the requirements and standards of the Association Montessori Internationale (A.M.I), Penpals Montessori Children's House aims to help children develop practical and intellectual abilities through individual exploration of practical life and sensorial activities, as well as other key areas such as language, mathematics, geography, art, music and natural sciences. Under the guidance of our A.M.I. certified directress and assistant, the children attending Penpals Montessori will develop to their full potentials and learn with much enthusiasm, joy and fulfillment.

Montessori Philosophy

Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952) was an Italian physician as well as an educator whose career was devoted to the study of children. She discovered that the characteristics of each stage of human development are unique and 80% of the whole personality is laid during the early years of life of an individual. This discovery has been scientifically recognized and is now universally accepted. During the first six years of life, the mind of the child is very different from that at any later stages of development, and Dr. Montessori called this "the Absorbent Mind". During these years, the child's mind absorbs all that surrounds him/her and builds knowledge and intelligence through this absorption both effortlessly and unconsciously.

Penpals Montessori Children's House respects and supports the growth and development of the human personality during the formative childhood years (3-6 years) by following and implementing Dr. Montessori's discoveries and teachings. We assist the child, not only in his/her natural quest for knowledge and independence, but also in the task of creating himself/herself. We call Montessori education an Education for Life.

Education for Life

Montessori is an education that starts from birth, a system that should not only fit children for employment or intellectual pursuits but prepares them for meeting all kinds of life's problems and challenges. At Penpals Montessori Children's House, our main goal is to prepare children for the lifelong learning process that continues beyond school years. It is a means to bring out the potentialities in children and aids them in the process of becoming the best that they can be. Montessori is a wholesome education that will prepare the children for life outside of the classroom.